Nur464 clinicals day 4

All in all, it was another laid back day in the step-down unit yesterday. I removed a foley for the first time. I helped out here and there. Not a lot for me to do. The nurses kept complaining of how busy they were, but kept denying that they needed help when I offered it.

Following the percutaneous coronary intervention I watched Thursday, I did some research on the patient and discharged 'em mid-morning. The patient had a unique condition that I thought might be affected by the PCI, so I did some research on it and made up a teaching sheet. I had it approved by my clinical instructor, then gave it to the interventionalist's PA, who gave it to the interventionalist. The word I got back was that it was okay to give it to the patient, but the spirit of the approval and the technicality of approval were not in sync.

I thought that what I had done was exactly what we should be doing in a world of ideal nursing. My recommendations were conservative and covered bases I thought the doctor might not address. They attempted to give the patient information for self-empowerment in case something was forgotten in the course of follow-up office visits. Did the interventionalist feel that my teaching sheet was bordering on medical advice? Did he feel threatened somehow?

It would be nice if someone could have just said, this is okay but I would prefer that you didn't give it to the patient.

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