Most self-serving comment from an instructor

In one of our courses, there is confusion over the syllabus. What, exactly, are the assignments and when are they due? We had a post-conference tonight with a clinical instructor who said that she's done this course for seven years and that there are always complaints about the syllabus. We had to understand, she said, that the syllabus was a learning exercise in critical thinking--we're supposed to read it and "figure out" what we're supposed to be doing.


I've been matriculated at several institutions, including a highly regarded one, and I've been taking undergraduate courses for nigh on a decade now. Never, never, have I heard such a dishonest, cowardly, self-serving comment, and never have I had a professor who has suggested that the syllabus is a critical learning tool. This program is incredible! And I mean incredible as in, I can't believe she just said that...

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