Is this the end of CxLxMx?

In about a 1/2 hour, I have to take a pharmacology test that's being given in my "Issues in Nursing" class. Since I haven't had clinicals since last spring and was counting on using extra free time from cutting back on work to review pharm all this semester, I'm not ready yet. The test requires a 90% (or, presumably, you don't pass the class/graduate). That won't happen today. When will it happen? If it doesn't, what will happen? Will I be out of the program?

I'm a little annoyed as I think this is a self-serving move on the part of the nursing department here. After all, I have passed the previous Med-Surg, Psych, Maternity, etc. classes. That indicates I have the ability to master the material. And it's the responsibility of the national NCLEX boards, and not individual nursing schools, to ensure competent practice at an individual level. It seems to me that the purpose could only be to wash people out of the program, which should theoretically raise the school's scores in NCLEX pass rates. That's what they do at the local community college, which has comprehensive exit exams and high NCLEX pass rates. I don't think it's ethical anyhow. If you're going to boot someone, you don't wait til the semester before graduation to do it.

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