Dreamfields pasta

Some of my co-workers are currently engaged in a contest to see who can lose the most weight in 2 months--winner gets a free meal from the losers. So at work the other night, they were comparing notes on food and complaining about whole wheat pasta. And who can blame them?! Whole wheat pasta is awful! Anyhow, that put in mind of the pasta we've been eating lately--low-carb Dreamfields. Actually I've only had the linguini, but it's wonderful (especially if you prefer your pasta al dente) for only 5 grams of carbs.

While I can give a whole-hearted recommendation of this product's edibility, I can't vouch for the nutritional claims. The 5gm/serving measurement is based on a "patent-pending" process, so I wouldn't be surprised if the product is pulled for failing to meet its advertised benefits in the future. That's not stopping me now, though, because it doesn't seem like complete quackery. The product incorporates inulin, which is sort of like a starch that you can't digest efficiently.

If you can find it in your local stores, give it a try. It would be a good recommendation for your diabetic patients who love pasta.

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