BP quite high; me sad

My (cute) PA put me on Benicar and Lipitor, and I added them to my regimen of ASA, vitamins, fish oil, and antioxidants. I've been quite regimented about taking the Benicar, but my BP today was 140/91. It's better than having the SBP in the 160's, but still not good enough. I missed yesterday and the day before, so that might have been the cause. I could go back to trying HCTZ in combination with the Benicar, but last time I tried HCTZ, I got cramps everywhere and headaches, so we'll see.

I really need to go back to the gym and get regular exercise. For me, I think that means changing gyms. One of the big drawbacks I've found is that I am often wrapping up my work around 11:30-11:45, and my gym closes at midnight. Another gym closeby is open 24hrs, but it's more expensive, and I hate it. But if I would use it...

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