Men's night & beard

Tonight, I went over to the house of a male RN co-worker along with a couple other male RN's. The evening consisted of red meat and cigars on the porch. I enjoy being included in this group quite a lot. It's flattering since I'm not yet an RN, although, to be honest, it is quite intimidating. There is banter in this group about the competency of certain other RN's, and I am still feeling quite inadequate about my ability to step on the floor and start providing care next June. So much to learn, still, and my mind is really not oriented well for nursing.

Also, I've been sporting a beard lately. Actually, I grew it out this summer. Since I don't really feel I can have a large beard as an RN and since--I assumed--I couldn't have one in nursing school, I thought this summer was my last chance to grow one. As a matter of fact, no one in school has said anything yet, and as my only clinicals this semester are psyche and management, I think they may not. That leaves me with the difficult decision whether or not to cut it off now or keep letting it grow...

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