Fall '08 - first day done

Finished the first day of the fall '08 semester.

Boot Camp Psychiatric Nursing
Started out at 0800 with Nur435 psychiatric nursing. This should be an interesting class, although I have reservations. This is the same instructor as the signature incident, and she has already said that night clinicals are part of the program regardless of whether you work or not. Well, no they're not. We don't sign away (literally, we don't) our lives on entering the nursing program. Last semester, the instructors were extremely accommodating in scheduling for day clinicals people who worked. They also made a point to try to get you out of clinicals in time for any afternoon classes you might want to take, whereas this instructor has said we should expect clinicals to run to 1530 or 1600 during days. That seems unreasonable to me. For the first week of classes, she scheduled a short clinical-orientation period for 1300-1600, which means it interferes with both potential day and evening shifts. This instructor knows her material and teaches well, but she is an example of what I am starting to think of as the "olde-fashioned boot camp mentality" of nursing school. It needs to go, especially in a contemporary social structure where there are many non-traditional students trying to raise families and/or work their way through college.

Anyhow, for this course, we have to attend a meeting of a 12-step program. I'd like to attend a sexual addiction program meeting as it is more closely related to my interest in men's health. Unfortunately, we don't have any in my town, so I'm going to have to expand to "the milieu." In accordance, I made a map of the all the sexual addiction services I could find in upstate NY, VT, and southern Quebec. Use and link to if you find useful...
Nursing Research
The afternoon saw nursing research course. This has the potential to be extremely interesting, and I would like to work on something to publish, but you never know how it might turn out. It meets in a too-small classroom, and the other students aren't interested in research, so who knows...

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