how do nurses do it?

Chez Goodman has compiled a list of "doin' it" funnies. Many here I have never seen before and some quite good, such as "Non-smokers do it without huffing and puffing." Unfortunately, the ones for nurses are not very good:
Nurses call the shots.
Nurses do it painlessly.
Nurses do it with care.
Nurses do it with TLC.
These just aren't that funny. Plus, the second one draws attention to the fact that nurses sometimes don't do things painlessly--not a funny thought. How about

Nurses do it with aseptic technique.
Nurses do it with fluid restriction.
Nurses are prepared to resuscitate.

Not very good, but still funnier, I think. And, of course...

Nurses do it as the doctor ordered.
Nurses do it to patients.

That's all for me, folks. Thanks, you've been great. Goodnight.

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