Dear Google, You are starting to suck.

Dear Google, You are starting to suck. I thought you ought to know. Your new design template for Blogger is FAIL in Linux Ubuntu. While I can use it with Firefox running on Windows, if I try to use Firefox running on Ubuntu, it won't load. Mostly, I am annoyed because Blogger's previous layout options were just fine. This seems to be a problem with you lately. I was an early adopter of Google and did so to get away from the mess of Yahoo and Netscape. Now your homepage and functionality is getting all screwy like theirs. Example: instant search results as I type? Did I ask for that? It's a pain in the ass. Between auto-completions that screw up my typing and pauses in my typing before I'm done due to instantly loading searches I don't want, "instant" search actually makes my searches take longer. You should read Google as Fat Elvis. It's a good analogy. (Better than "jump the shark," which I think may have jumped the shark.) Anyhow, please get back on track. I like my websites like I like my women: fast, lean, and competent; pretty is a nice perk, but less important, and tricks and fawning are right out. As of now, I have to leave my house and go to the library to change the font or background color on this silly blog. How stupid is that? Thanks for your time (not that you'll listen). Yours, Chris