Election 2008 round-up : run for the hills!!

Well, it looks like Obama won the election, and it'll probably turn out to be by a bigger margin than a lot of recent elections. Right now, I'm in the computing center in Feinberg Library not paying attention to the time, and I found out Obama was projected to win because of the hooting and yelling that started down the hallway, where there is one of those ubiquitous cable televisions mounted on the wall. It carried on for a long time. Then there was a loud bash on the other side of the emergency exit door behind me (I jumped), and an alarm started that has been going off for about 20 minutes now.

A short time ago, a guy came in and said there was nude streaking and all manner of chaos going on outside, so his friend got up and they left to ogle. Now it's just me and a girl, working on a paper, who called her boyfriend at the gym and made smoochy sounds over the fact that Obama won.

I have tried very hard not to pay attention to the election this year. I have cultivated the following feline sensibility:
Care-o-meter Low -Iā€”ā€”ā€” High

Nevertheless, I cannot be happy that Obama won. McCain was not a good choice, but the irrational pleasure over Obama's victory is very scary. Obama is not like Hitler or Mussolini, but his electorate is quite a bit like the one's that sent those fellows to their destiny. "Heal America and change the world..."? Are you really that dumb? Or is it neediness?

Well, anyhow, Obama's lifetime of campaigning without much legislative experience is about to come to an end. I think he's going to find it much harder to get things done than he anticipates, and he can't keep talking about change in the future when he's in office. My guess is that the media is going to sour on him, too. People have short memories, and once Bush is out of office, all the animosity against him that fueled Obama's election is going to be forgotten.

So, we'll see how things go. Mostly, they won't change, I think.

Update @ 12:51 - Shocked!! I mentioned above "all manner of chaos," but I thought that fellow was talking about a little bit of cheer and hi-jinx. But as soon as I opened the library door, I could hear the almost-deafening howl of a crowd of people and see red flashers reflecting off the buildings around the Angell Center's courtyard. Of course, I had to see. The street was filled with students!! The dorms must have all emptied out into the streets, and they were out there yelling, clapping, holding signs, and, from the sounds of it, pushing things over. I decided to leave as it was a scary scene, and as I left, they started to march down the street with cops looking on. What is the matter with people?

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