Contagion review, part deux

Contagion is the new Soderbergh film about a viral epidemic. As I posted previously, I won't see the film, because I think Soderbergh is an over-rated director and also, ergo, I will waste my time sitting through a film I won't like.

National Review's film reviewer, Ross Douthat, reviews Contagion in the last issue. As expected (see my links above), the film has moralizing elements, 2-dimensional characters, and inhabits a socio-political space in the "avante-guarde establishment," which is to say it presents routine leftist thought (in this case, big federal agency=heroes) as something interesting and new. said they would review the movie. I'm still waiting, but they did link to this rather interesting video, which shows the development of an advertising billboard made out of bacterial cultures.

May I suggest that you instead watch this next generation show on contagion, which I can almost guarantee will be time better spent than with the Soderbergh film.