Paleo Engrish

Following beer and pizza night, I was looking up something about sarsaparilla and found this image, with its apparently Paleo message.
No milk, no sugar. No beer, no mixers!

My knowledge of kanji is very weak, but this appears to be a sign for, maybe, a jewelry dealer ("pearls and gems", or "valuable trades" or something). Are they kindly warning tourists away from this trap? Or are they sending a subtle "no gaijin" message? Or something else altogether?

Anyhow, my update on beer and pizza night is that, although in the short term I felt pretty crappy, I actually had an excellent recovery from my previous workout and was able to bump up the weight on my dumbbell presses. However, I have continued with the beer cravings, especially for the Sah'tea.

UPDATE: oh, look, it's a T-shirt, too!