Floor Orientation: 1st day

I was fairly anxious all weekend about my first day on the floor, today. My clinical immersion in April, at the end of school, didn't exactly go textbook. From managing 2 patients to managing 5-6 over night was not easy for me. I was worried that today might also be getting thrown into a 5-6 patient assignment.

Actually, it went fairly well, or I should say easily. Patients were not complex, and there weren't that many of them. At 11:00, I left for the computer room to do computerized education and orientation. My unit has purchased AACN's Essential's of Critical Care Orientation (ECCO) program for new nurse orientees. I guess orientation will generally involve a few hours on the floor and then a few hours of ECCO each day until orientation is over. ECCO looks like it'll be a good review for the NCLEX, too.

Re-living Bush vs. Gore

At 13:15, I filmed a TV spot for public relations. A cameraman/producer came from the local NBC affiliate and taped me describing how I came to be a nurse at the hospital. The spot features new grads who have previously worked at the hospital in other jobs. I had tried to plan a statement that'd make all parties look good, but I had trouble remembering it in the blazing lights of the camera. I thought it sort of stumbled out rather than coming out velvety smooth. However, the pro said I was a "one-take kind of guy," which I think is praise in TV speak.

I'm eager to see how it turns out as I have a complex about appearing on TV. During Bush vs. Gore in 2000, I was living in DC and stayed up all night outside the Supreme Court so I could get a chance to watch the proceedings. It was quite an experience. After I came out, I was pulled aside by television crews and asked about what I saw and what was going on. I gave some lame answers that never aired on TV. I blew my 15 minutes! Can you believe it! I realized later that they must have pulled me aside because I was a wearing a nice suit, and they probably assumed I was a lawyer rather than a jobless undergrad. In the grand theme, it doesn't matter, but I can see still the disappointed look on the face of the pretty reporter who was expecting not to waste her time on me.

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