Spring 2009 Semester: First Day

Unfortunately, I have to say that this day has been a real disappointment. While I added on Virology last semester, I pared down my schedule as much as possible for this semester since we're covering critical care and I'm supposed to take the NCLEX after graduating. I had wanted to ace the critical care material and spend voluminous free time reviewing. Instead, what I find is that I'm probably going to have to spend most of this semester on the Issues in Nursing and Community Health courses, both of which have no interest to me and very little relevance to my future.

Furthermore, we have a two-week "immersion" at the end of the semester, which amounts to an internship that will force us to cram all the semester's material into two fewer weeks. Thanks, bad planners! I agree with the internship requirement, but they should have instituted it with the following graduating class rather than ours and required it to be completed over a summer or winter break.

There's always "gentleman's C's", I suppose.

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