Pallimed blog: fake spit should be nursing measure

I want to draw your attention to a blog I just found. Pallimed is focused on palliative care and hospice. Yesterday's post focused on research on taste alteration in oncology patients, including nurses' aversion to administering fake spit:
I do not know why nurses and doctors can do so many other 'gross' things in medicine, but there is a severe and general aversion to writing for or administering saliva substitutes. It is more than just lack of knowledge, because even when informed, I have had nurses basically say, "I'm not giving that to them, That's disgusting!" Yet when I go in the room and have the patient try it, the patient exclaims (with a smile and a much louder voice) "My mouth feels alive again. Thank you so much."
That's pathetic, folks. He goes on to say that fake spit shouldn't even need a doctor's order. More nursing measures!

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