NIH autism stimulus money

Furious Seasons' take on the stimulus package's funding for autism research:
I'm all in favor of researching the hell out of autism spectrum disorders, but does anyone seriously believe that this $60 million will create new jobs and stimulate the economy? I don't. If anything, it'll redeploy already-well-paid researchers and their staffs from other projects into autism research projects defined by NIMH. I fail to see how that creates new jobs. I'm not hearing about mass layoffs of researchers.

I guess it falls into line with my initial suspicions when I first saw details of the stimulus plan a ways back--and that is that a fair amount of the $500 billion or so in spending (and borrowing from China) would go to priorities that can't create new jobs. For example, paying a portion of laid-odd peoples' COBRA. That won't suddenly create new health care jobs and won't create a job for the laid-off person, so it kind of defeats the stated purpose of President Obama's stimulus package (or Congress' or whomever's it is), which is to create jobs, and that bugs me.

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