1-30-2008 (abdomen book reviews)

Today was Nur363 and Nur360. In 363, we had a quiz on assigned readings on CAD, HTN and cardiac pharmacology, and we had a very brief overview of cardiac pathophysiology. In 360, it was the first day of class, and we went over the syllabus and discussed culture and family systems.

ter class was out, I went to institutional advancement at PSU and talked to the graphic designer about how to desktop publish a booklet/pamphlet, but she wasn't very helpful, so I spent a few hours in the computer lab. The good news is that Microsoft Publisher is trei easy to use to publish booklets if you have a two-sided laser printer.

I wasted most of the evening with TV, then published reviews of about 10 books on abdominal fitness at Amazon (you can read my reviews here). Does that have anything to do with nursing? Well, in two ways, I think so.

First of all, I am of the opinion that nursing has seriously overlooked the importance of exercise science to nurses' knowledge. With the worldwide health problems we have due to abundance of food and leisure, all nurses should
be able to communicate to a patient a basic exercise plan as an integral part of preventive care for CAD, CA, DM2, etc.

Secondly, I got interested in the idea of viral marketing for health knowledge last semester. I thought of a couple ways to do research on this concept at PSU, but I don't have the time resources to pull it off. These Amazon reviews are sort of like viral health education, though. If a buyer goes to several of the main abd books at Amazon and reads my reviews, they will get a little lesson and maybe mini paradigm shift in thinking about fitness. Plus, they'll get directed toward the better books available to them.

Is there much content in abd fitness? Of course, you know that trunk fitness is integral to mobility, and here is a very interesting photo:
This is a photoshopped picture of Oliva and Schwarzenegger (1st and 3rd) from the 1970s posing next to bodybuilders from the 1990s-2000s. Look at the difference in abdominal development that was achieved in those decades. Pretty amazing stuff.
Photo via IronAge.us Virtual Posedown

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