spring 2008 semester

Today marks the beginning of the spring 2008 semester, the third semester of my BSN program at Plattsburgh State University. If one discounts the science co-requisites, my first semester of nursing was spring 2007, when I took Nur303 Fundamentals (in addition to Bio406 Medical Microbiology, which was quite fun).

Then this past fall 2007 semester, I had my first series of real nursing courses, and it was very stressful. These included:
Nur304 Health Assessment
Nur344 Pharmacology
Nur361 Pediatrics
Nur362 Care of the Adult I

This semester I am signed up for:
Nur356 Professional Concepts
Nur 360 Childbearing Family
Nur363 Care of the Adult II

I still need two non-nursing courses--Intro to Psych and Intro to Soc--but I think I need to spend any extra time I have this semester losing some weight and getting my BP and general health back on track. We'll see how that goes. What I really would like to do is to add Ant451 Osteology Seminar!

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