1-28-2008 (1st day of class)

Today was the first day of classes for the spring 2008 semester, so it was Nur363 Care of the Adult II and Nur356 Nursing Concepts today. Everything was pretty straight-forward first day of class business.

In Nur363, we started a cardiac lecture and played a little game in which we all drew out of a bag slips of paper with names of cardiac anatomy on them. We were then supposed to line up in order of the flow of blood. Games like this are going to be integrated into the course more this semester based on student feedback from last semester. I guess I am too old or too old-fashioned (or too old skool!) to appreciate wasting time. Oh well.

In Nur356, we watched part of a video on the history of nursing and then had a discussion on what struck us. Somehow, I slid into a discussion of the doctor-nurse relationship and criticized the idea of insubordination. I will have to write more on this in the future, but basically it is an inappropriate paradigm for the hospital and one supported only by habit and the (apparent, based on my experience) propensity for nurses and nursing instructors to like authoritarian relationships. My instructor seemed to have the position that there is collegiality but that this must be tempered by orders. I think this is wrong. Collegiality is a myth when doctors can blow up and yell at nursing staff but not vice versa. That is the behavior of people who are in a vertical relationship, not people who are in different departments of an institution.

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