Intermittent fasting trial, day 2

Today was the second day trialing whole-day fasting. I'm headed for bed and I made it through the day, including a work-out, but it wasn't as smooth as Tuesday. I felt really weak after my work-out, and I was craving food around dinner time. It doesn't help that my brother eats whatever he wants and was grilling something full of fat and protein this afternoon that scented the entire house.

Anyhow, I can't complain much about these last few days. I should have a basal metabolic rate of about 2390. I ate about 300 Kcal per day. So over the last two days of fasting, I should have burned 4180 Kcal plus whatever I burned related to the work-outs I did on each day (which I'll estimate very conservatively at 120 Kcal for a total of 4300 Kcal) or about 1.25 lbs. Was it worth it? Probably. Of course, fasting is not an ideal way to lose weight since in a pre-ketotic state, I was probably relying on skeletal muscle for some of that weight loss. However, I would like to get my total weight down, and if I'm weight training and only fasting a couple times a week, my long-term muscle loss on intermittent fasting couldn't be too severe. I think I will try to continue this routine next week to see how it goes.

Tomorrow morning: hello free-range brown eggs, black beans, adobo salsa, and cheddar cheese!

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