Home Health: water your Christmas tree

Greetings loyal readers. I've taken some days off here for Christmas, but now I'm back! Tonight, December 28th, we enter the 4th day of Christmas. For those of you who don't know, the "12 days of Christmas" song refers to an actual calendar period stretching from December 25th (Christmas) to January 6th (Epiphany, which commemorates the visitation by the three wise men). Epiphany, it seems to me, actually adds an eschatological dimension to Christmas, but let's not drift into theology here...

What I really want to mention is the importance of watering your Christmas tree. In this age of iron, many people have moved over to fake trees, but some still purchase the real thing (and a select few cut it down themselves). If you are one of these, please note the videos below which demonstrate the utility of keeping your tree watered.

As you may have heard in your hospital before, you're not supposed to try to put out fires larger than a television set (or old-style computer monitor). The first video shows a Christmas tree fire enlarging beyond that point in about 3 seconds. The second video shows, I believe, the difference in burning between a dry and a moist Christmas tree.

You wouldn't let your patients get dehydrated, don't let it happen to their Christmas trees, either!

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