Volunteering for Haiti, 3

When I was a kid, I had an uncle who held me down trapped under some sheets and blankets so I couldn't move. I started to panic a little. Does this cause claustrophobia or did that come first? Anyhow, whenever there are disasters that involve people trapped in rubble, I can't help think it would be about the worst thing to get stuck in the dark unable to move and not knowing how long you might go before being saved or not saved. Nurses don't clear rubble, but there are always injuries and psychological scars.

My vaccinations are up to date, and I've gotten permission for a leave of absence from work. Everything's set. My name is listed with the Fletcher Allen Health Care team, which said they would get back to me, but so far no call. I hope they do make a spot for me and don't close me out for FAHC staff.

I got another e-mail from the RNRN group asking for more info, but they don't seem very well organized to me. The groups most effective at getting non-governmental spur-of-the-moment volunteers down to Haiti are small ones like FAHC or the Dartmouth volunteers shown below.

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